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Blur Faces In Photos or Videos, Powered By AI

With our powerful video blur tool, you no longer need to manually and tediously cover every frame, dragging the blur around to stay in line with the face. Instead, we take your media and process it for faces using face detection algorithms. We then apply a blur effect on top of the found faces, frame-by-frame.

Because of of the hardware requirements we are currently only able to process so many videos at a time. When you upload your media you will be placed into a queue. Once your media is processed you will see a download link and a preview. You can navigate back to this page at any point in time to see the status of your media.

Once complete, you will receive an email with a link to your media in Storj. You will also be able to view it here if you bookmarked the page or left it open. You have 24 hours to save your media before it becomes inaccessible.

When To Use The Blur Faces With AI Tool