New Pricing Tiers – Subject To Change

We have updated our site to include some new pricing tiers and restructured the intended purpose. Prices have dropped tremendously, but DMCA takedowns would now be billed per takedown. We are waiting on the pricing for the Reddit Data API to determine the final price points.

The intended purpose of the site has shifted. We are no longer monitoring for copyright infringement, although it is something we can still do. Instead, we focus on leaked content in the form of “baits.” This is due to the new highly restrictive Twitter API usage tiers and our limited capacity to scan social media content. 

So if you find yourself taking a lot of risky photos, Slckly may be for you. You can upload your more popular photos in hash form to us and we will compare what we find online and let you know if something is a match. If your photos leak, we’ll know, as we monitor many of the popular hashtags. You can also upload a face picture to have that checked for as well, although we highly recommend that you don’t include your face or any permanent markings in your content when sharing.

If something you have does leak, we will help you with options on how to get it taken down. Typically you just need to PM the user that uploaded the content. This doesn’t always prevent them from still sharing your content on other social media though, which is why we purchase dropboxes and mega content packs and make previews available to you. If we find your content in one, we will help you with contacting Dropbox or Mega to get the archive taken down or your content removed from it. 

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