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We have had some significant development work done to the site and you can now upload videos and photos to monitor the internet for. We have a new focus, which is on baits. The term baits is coined from the term “baited,” which means the person was likely tricked into giving over their photos and videos. We hope to provide a service to monitor for your own videos and photos that you took being leaked to the internet and shared among the baits communities. 

A lot has changed, so to start off, the social media scanner has been bumped to the lowest tier, and the peer-2-peer scanner has been included throughout all plans. Face recognition and the peer-to-peer scanner are still a work in progress. Eventually you will see a “My Faces” option listed under Account to upload your face to be searched throughout our rather large collection of images. We have been tirelessly indexing and curating content for our system. It takes approximately 10 seconds per photo to index, so it is rather slow. This will of course improve with time as development expands on it’s capabilities, and as hardware improves. 

There currently aren’t any ways to set up notifications and for now you will have to log in and check your My Videos and My Photos pages to see if anything has been found leaked online. We plan to resolve this soon. For now though, we are focused on getting new users to sign up and to have us start monitoring for your photos and videos!

To do this, we have a promo code. You can email me at [email protected] to obtain the promo code or get it from someone that we reached out to on Snapchat / Twitter. This promo code offers a 100% discount for up to 3 months on the Standard plan. We hope to have you help us test Slckly in real time using these promo codes to get you started.

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