Sisly: The Perceptual Search Engine With Face Recognition

In the ever-evolving realm of internet search engines, a new player has emerged with a distinctive twist. Meet Sisly, the perceptual search engine that combines the power of face recognition and perceptual hashing to revolutionize your online search experience. But that’s not all; Sisly has ventured into uncharted territories, scanning two of the top NSFW websites, making it a unique and versatile tool for both everyday users and more specialized needs.

Crawling with Consideration

NudeKnow’s Sisly is designed to be respectful of website owners while efficiently gathering data. It crawls the web at a rate of 22KB/s per site to minimize the impact on the site owners. This approach ensures that NudeKnow’s Sisly’s activities do not impose significant issues on the websites it scans, making it a more ethical and sustainable search engine in the digital landscape.

Unlike traditional search engines that primarily focus on text, NudeKnow’s Sisly scans not only text but also images, recognizing the importance of visual content in the digital age. With this capability, NudeKnow’s Sisly becomes a versatile tool for users who are looking for their content, such as images, photos, or graphics.

Data Management and Organization

NudeKnow’s Sisly takes data management to the next level. All the data collected during its crawling endeavors is meticulously stored in a database. But what makes this database truly remarkable is the hourly services that go to work, appending essential metadata to the collected data.

This metadata includes crucial information such as face descriptors, perceptual hashing, and media sizes. This meticulous organization allows users to search and filter their results with unprecedented accuracy. When you need to find an image, you can do so with greater precision, thanks to the perceptual hashing, which helps identify similar visual content.

The Power of Face Recognition

One of the most exciting features of NudeKnow’s Sisly is its advanced face recognition capabilities. This technology allows Sisly to detect and identify faces within images, providing a new dimension to image-based searches. Whether you’re looking for pictures of celebrities, historical figures, or even your own personal photos, Sisly’s face recognition can help you find what you’re looking for with ease.

Exploring Uncharted Territories

In a bold move that sets NudeKnow’s Sisly apart from its competitors, it has extended its reach to some of the top NSFW websites. This expansion makes Sisly an invaluable tool for those in need of specialized search capabilities. Next time your searching for your own face or photos online, or if you need it for more specialized purposes such as locating missing children, look no further than NudeKnow, powered by Sisly.

Transparency and Accessibility

NudeKnow’s Sisly’s approach to transparency is refreshing. The search engine keeps track of where each image was downloaded from, providing users with the ability to verify the source. While this feature is available with a paid plan, Sisly remains committed to providing its users with access to accurate and verifiable information. Non-profits that would like to try out some of our functionality for research into missing persons please get in touch, we would be happy to assist and make some of our resources available to you.

Under the Hood: Technology Stack

NudeKnow’s Sisly is developed with a combination of powerful technologies. It’s primarily written in Python and uses Aria2 as its download manager. The face recognition process is handled by NodeJS, showcasing the flexibility and versatility of its architecture.

In conclusion, NudeKnow’s Sisly is the perceptual search engine that offers an unprecedented combination of features, from face recognition and perceptual hashing better helping you to locate NSFW content on the web that belongs to you. With its commitment to responsible crawling and meticulous data organization, Sisly is poised to become a game-changer in the world of online search. Whether you’re a casual user or require specialized search capabilities, Sisly has something unique to offer. Unlock the potential of the digital landscape with Sisly’s innovative approach to online search.

Please note that Sisly is only crawling in the background as a bot and we are still working on making the face recognition feature available to everyone. To check perceptual hashing please sign up for a free account and calculate your phashs for your photos online, 100% on your end in your browser. If something is found, it will indicate “Yes” next to it and you can get in touch with support to find out where it was located online and get help taking it down.

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