Introducing MediaMark: The Future of Digital Identification

Revolutionizing Content Management with MediaMark: The Future of Digital Identification

In an era where digital content proliferates at an unprecedented rate, managing and safeguarding digital assets has become a monumental challenge. Enter MediaMark, the latest innovation from NudeKnow, poised to transform the landscape of digital content management through advanced perception hash technology. This groundbreaking API allows users to submit images and videos, generating a unique identifier that remains consistent through transformations like rotation and scaling, echoing the functionality of renowned technologies like PhotoDNA.

The Essence of MediaMark

At its core, MediaMark leverages an open-source implementation of perceptual hashing to create a unique, durable identifier for each piece of digital content. This technology is not just about creating a hash; it’s about creating a hash that can endure alterations, ensuring that each piece of content remains identifiable regardless of how it’s changed or where it appears online.

MediaMark’s API is designed to be accessible and versatile, with toolkits planned for JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages based on demand. This flexibility ensures that developers and content managers can easily integrate MediaMark into their existing systems, regardless of their technological infrastructure.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Robust Database Management: MediaMark users can manage multiple databases of hashes, allowing for organized and efficient tracking of different sets of digital content. Whether it’s for monitoring known child sexual exploitation images or keeping tabs on content from specific usernames, MediaMark’s system is equipped to handle it.
  • Rapid Search Functionality: The API boasts impressive search capabilities, enabling users to sift through millions of images in less than a second. This efficiency is crucial for platforms needing to quickly compare new content against their databases to identify matches.
  • Scalability: Currently supporting photos in the multiple millions with sub-second search times, NudeKnow is ambitiously working towards expanding this capacity to billions without sacrificing response times.

Accessibility and Pricing

Understanding the diverse needs of its user base, NudeKnow plans to offer a range of plans for MediaMark. A free tier will allow users to trial the service, supporting one database with up to 30,000 images and the creation of 5,000 MediaMarks per month. For larger needs, especially those of small to medium-sized websites, plans will accommodate databases up to 10 million images. Enterprises requiring more extensive capabilities are encouraged to reach out for customized solutions.

Future Developments

Looking ahead, NudeKnow is exploring the integration of face recognition technology within the MediaMark API. This advancement would enable the identification of individuals from a database of named images, significantly enhancing the API’s utility for a wide range of applications, from security to personalized content delivery.


MediaMark represents a significant step forward in digital content management, offering a robust, scalable solution for creating and searching perceptual hashes. As the digital world continues to expand, technologies like MediaMark are essential for maintaining the integrity and security of online content. With its upcoming launch, NudeKnow is set to provide developers, content managers, and enterprises with the tools they need to manage digital assets efficiently and effectively.

For those interested in leveraging this cutting-edge technology, stay tuned for more information on availability and pricing. MediaMark is not just a new product; it’s a new standard in digital content management, promising to redefine how we manage, secure, and identify digital content in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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