NudeKnow Monthly Wrap-Up: Exciting Improvements for a Better User Experience

As NudeKnow continues to evolve and grow, it’s crucial to keep users informed about the latest updates and improvements to the platform. This month, we’re thrilled to share some exciting changes that enhance your experience on NudeKnow. From improved website scanning to pricing adjustments and upcoming face recognition features, these changes are designed to make NudeKnow even more user-friendly and functional. 

1. Sisly’s Refactoring and Redesign

One of the most significant updates this month is the refactoring and redesign of our web crawling tool, Sisly. Now, Sisly is not just limited to using a headless browser but also has the capability to scan websites without one. This enhancement is a result of our dedication to improving the way we collect content from websites, making it more efficient and accurate. Sisly now properly collects images from websites, ensuring that they are searchable for our users.

2. Bug Fix: Free Account Access to My Photos and My Videos

We always strive to ensure that all our registered users have access to the features they deserve. In a recent bug fix, we addressed an issue that was preventing free account holders from accessing the “My Photos” and “My Videos” pages. Now, all registered users can enjoy these features as part of their NudeKnow experience, making it easier to organize and manage their content.

3. Google Single Sign-On Integration

In our ongoing efforts to simplify the account registration and login process, we are pleased to announce the implementation of Google single sign-on for NudeKnow. This means that you can now create an account and log in using your Google credentials. This feature not only streamlines the process but also enhances the security and convenience of account creation. We believe this integration will make your NudeKnow experience even more user-friendly and hassle-free.

4. Pricing Adjustments (Coming Soon)

NudeKnow is currently in the process of evaluating and making pricing adjustments. While the final details are yet to be confirmed, we want to reassure our users that these changes are aimed at providing the best possible value for our services. To get a taste of what NudeKnow has to offer, we invite you to use the promo code “JERRY2023” for a free Standard plan, which will grant you access to the full range of our services, including face recognition once that feature is up and running.

5. Backend Face Recognition

The future of NudeKnow holds an exciting development: backend face recognition. This feature involves processing and storing face locations and descriptors shortly after an image is downloaded. Although the feature is not yet searchable, you can expect to see a “My Faces” option in the menu soon. This feature will allow you to better organize and manage your content, making your experience on NudeKnow more convenient and efficient.

In conclusion, NudeKnow is committed to constant improvement and innovation, driven by user feedback and the desire to create a safe and user-friendly platform for knowledge sharing. The recent updates and upcoming features reflect our dedication to enhancing the user experience. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with our users in the future, making NudeKnow the go-to platform for online knowledge sharing and organization. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the coming months!

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